Friday, July 8, 2016

Charity Quilt Low Down

Once upon a time, in a previous life (pre-kids), I was very active in community service and I miss it!  There have been a lot of charity quilts on Instagram lately and it has ignited my long lost interest!  So, I'd like to jump on the band wagon!!!  And I'd love if you'd join me!  

Option One:  Make a quilt/blanket of any design, throw or bigger, for one of your local charities or mail it to me to take to my charity of choice. (If you are sending them to a NICU or for babies, then obviously smaller is fine.)

Option Two:  Make a quilt block and send it to me for assembly.

There will be prizes given away to lucky participants!  

Deadline: October 1, 2016 for those going into the prize drawing.

About my charity:
I have been blessed by a very normal family and it breaks my heart that others have such a rough start to their lives! The quilts I make will be donated to my local CASA group, who serve vulnerable children through advocacy and support.  I have often heard that children in foster care can move from one home to the next with little more than the clothes on their backs. Once they have their own special blanket, it gives them comfort, continuity, and a sense of ownership. Here are some testimonials from children who have received blankets while in foster care from other charities.  I will be including duffel bags for their quilts to go in (because I'm too lazy to sew one!) and a soft toy.

If you are sending me blocks, please make 15" (unfinished) wonky star blocks. For girls I will make the quilt(s) pink and light blue.  For boys I will make it (them?) orange and blue (we live in Bronco territory.... football is big here!).  Tutorials are here and here and here is an example. Improv is welcome!!! Background fabric should be low volume and scrappy.  The tutorials are for various sizes.  Add strips of background fabric to any side of your block to bring it up to 15".... off set is all good! Each quilt will be three blocks by four blocks, or twelve in total.  If I receive a lot of blocks, I can make more blankets! You are welcome to send backing fabric, fabric for binding, or a new/like new duffel bag, too. Email ( or Instagram DM for a mailing address.

Please share photos of progress and completed projects on IG at #givequiltyhugs.  You can find me there at @ibtreerock.  I look forward to seeing what we can do as a quilting community!!!

If you are interested in adding prizes to the giveaway, let me know!